[Tweeters] Westport pelagic May 20: Laysan Albatross, Red Phalaropes, marine mammals

Michael Donahue bfalbatross at gmail.com
Sun May 21 16:05:48 PDT 2017

Leaving the dock at 6 a.m., the day started with a little bit of drizzle
and salt spray, but the sun came out as we got farther offshore. On board
were birders from Idaho, Florida, and Ohio, along with Washington birders,
many of whom have been out with us before. It was great to have additional
experienced eyes.

The following are a few highlights from the trip. A complete species list
with number totals, and information about upcoming trips is at

-Laysan Albatross: one buzzed by the boat as we neared our chum spot. It
didn’t stick around but all on board got to see it.
-Fork-tailed Storm-Petrels: as recently reported, Fork-tails were seen in
the harbor. Seven were in the harbor and our offshore tally was eight.

-2 Parasitic Jaeger

-Phalaropes: both species were seen well, with 36 Red-necked and twice as
many Red Phalaropes; almost all were in stunning breeding plumage. We had
good views of mixed species flocks on several occasions.

-Tufted Puffin: one sitting on the water allowed for great views and

It was also quite a day for marine mammals!

-73 Northern Right Whale Dolphin: great views of them bow riding and
leaping out of the water. This was only the third time in over 80 trips
that I’ve seen them.

-381 Pacific White-sided Dolphin

-150 Risso’s Dolphin

-19 Humpback Whale

Some photos from the day are posted on the Westport Seabirds Facebook page.

Other spotters besides myself where Th following are the highlights seen
today. Complete species list and number totals are available on our
website, ww.westportseabirds.com.Bruce LaBar, Scott Mills, and Bill
Shelmerdine, with Phil and Chris Anderson in the wheelhouse.

Mike Donahue


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