[Tweeters] Westport area highlights Thurs/Fri

Jeffrey Bryant jbryant_68 at yahoo.com
Fri May 19 10:26:51 PDT 2017

Thursday at Bottle Beach about 3.5 hrs before high tide, only about 350 shorebirds, but 55-60 of them were RED KNOTS.   Dowitchers, BB Plover, Dunlin and Western S'pipers rounded it out.  Willows at far end of boardwalk alive with passerines, including three warblers and Swainson's Thrush
Thurs eve in Westport marina:  no F-ork-tailed Storm-petrels in marina, but I counted 26 out in the harbor.  Despite diligent search, found no Red Phalarope.  Watched a Glaucous-winged Gull with broken wing viciously murdered by Western Gull right on Westhaven Dr. in front of the shops.
Fri morning at Midway Beach:  "trail" thigh-deep in chilly water for this average-height guy.  Rewarded by female Yellow-headed Blackbird in scrubby willow copse poking out of water on other side.  Posed beautifully for anyone with decent camera.  That's not me, though, so crappy cell phone photo will go on ebird later...  Eventually chased away by male Red-winged.  Also in the pond, 4-5 American Bitterns, one "spelunking," the rest seen, two dueling Soras, a Virginia Rail and singing Horned Lark.  Flyover Evening Grosbeaks a nice surprise, too.More to come, I hope...
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