[Tweeters] Fill Shrike

Constance Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Tue May 16 16:56:04 PDT 2017

Hey tweets, after the rain quit today, I took myself off to Montlake Fill, where I was rewarded with a gorgeous LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE foraging between SE Pond and Boy Scout Pond. Swallows overhead gave me the sign when they began their alarm calls. At first I whirling around like a top, trying to find the marauding falcon/hawk/raptor. When nothing appeared, I sat down to get over my dizziness. That's when I saw the shrike perched at the top of a little tree on the north side of SE Pond. It stayed there for some time, then flew into Boy Scout Pond, which agitated the swallows again. Beautiful creature, but I'm glad I'm so much bigger.

Also on Boy Scout Pond: 2 Spotted Sandpipers; a Western Wood-Pewee singing; and numerous Wilson's Warblers. - Connie, Seattle

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