[Tweeters] Tricoloredf Blackbirds today at Para Ponds

William Byers byers345 at comcast.net
Mon May 15 20:18:37 PDT 2017

Hi Tweeters,

Bill and I have tried many times over the last many years to
find Tricolored Blackbirds in eastern Washington. Today we stopped by Para
Ponds. There I noticed that there were a number of blackbirds on the north
side of the north pond. In looking at them, their behavior seemed different
from Red-winged Blackbirds. That is, I don't remember seeing a group of
male blackbirds hang around in a group like this. Their vocalizations are
entirely different from Red-winged Blackbirds too. Anyway, a group of 10-15
flew over near us where we could pictures, but I can't get on Flickr to post
them right now. I'll post a link to them in a couple days. I was pretty
excited to finally get this bird on my Washington State life list!

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