[Tweeters] Barred Owl clutch question

Catherine cma at squeakyfiddle.com
Fri May 12 21:02:11 PDT 2017

I've been watching the Barred Owl families in Seward Park for about 10 years now, and figure to see two or three emerging owlets per nest sometime during the week before or after Mother's Day. This year there seems to be only one active nest, and I saw the first kid last Sunday.

But I'm puzzled. The owlet I saw was sitting on a branch of the nest tree, but seemed to be perhaps a 10-14 days old, which suggested an earlier emergence this year. There was no sign of other owlets.

Then on Wednesday I spotted two very fresh kids peeking out of the nest hole, as well as a third more mature owlet clumsily stretching its wings on a branch about 20 ft from the nest tree.

I just got a report from another regular watcher- there was one fresh owlet just out of the nest and a second owlet practicing flight through the nearby trees. Two adults were nearby but wary.

So my question - is it possible that this adult pair nurtured two clutches of eggs this year, maybe 10-14 days apart, with successful hatches from both clutches? Sure looks like it.

Catherine Alexander
Lakewood Neighborhood
South Seattle

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