[Tweeters] Auburn ponds for sale?

Hope Anderson hopea1994 at aol.com
Fri May 12 04:54:25 PDT 2017

Has anyone seen the for sale sign in the pond by Emerald Downs? Not sure if that is what everyone calls M street Marsh? If it is for sale, that sends a chill down my spine and has me wide awake, typing this message at 445am. That is the only habitat like that in the whole area and we can't let it be developed. Does anyone in the group work for or know anyone at Forterra that might be able to answer questions about conserving rather than developing? I work for WDFW and will try to see if we have a conservation dept that might help. Really, I guess I hope the sign is for a nearby area and NOT the ponds but I didn't get the phone number for the realtor. Perhaps someone who birds there this weekend can get that number? Otherwise I am off Monday and can get it. I hope this hasn't already been discussed, I am behind on my digest but didnt see anything in the past four days. Thanks for any suggestions!
Hope Anderson, Renton
Hopea1994 at aol.com

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