[Tweeters] Re: Safe to check spotting scope in luggage? TQ: tweeters all!

Hilary Barnes habarnes at earthlink.net
Thu May 11 16:41:57 PDT 2017

Thank you all for your responses- apologies if my Suspect Email filter was rude to you- I receive Tweeters in Digest form to cut down on the email management.

The consensus is: "don't trust nobody, no-how;" TSA locks are made to vanish; consider using a hard-sided carry on (versus the layers of fleece I've relied on) in a duffle; and check the tripod in baggage unless it is a spendy one. (Mine would not have much resale value.)

And, David Kuhn suggested NOT taking a scope to Kauai. Maybe my entry-level, hand-me-down EOS 20D Canon camera and basic 75-300mm zoom lens will be enough to tote along!

Thanks again for all the travel advice. Hope we can keep on taking our toys safely and securely with us on vacation!

Hilary Barnes
habarnes at earthlink.net

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