[Tweeters] Re: Safe to check spotting scope in luggage?

John Puschock g_g_allin at hotmail.com
Tue May 9 14:38:17 PDT 2017

Regarding Kaua'i, I would say a guide is more or less necessary, if one is available, to see all the forest endemics. The only way semi-reliable way to see 'Akikiki and Puaiohi involves a long difficult hike that will take you all day, and it helps to have a guide, particularly to drive you to the trailhead down Mohihi Road (if you're driving a rental down that road, you are almost certainly violating your rental agreement). The other forest endemics can be seen on a shorter hike on Pihea Trail, though some are hit-or-miss ('Akeke'e, 'I'iwi, and now even 'Anianiau is more difficult). There are parts of the trail that are difficult, by the way.

And for what it's worth, I always carry optics in my carry-on. It's heavy, but I wouldn't trust checked luggage.

John Puschock

Matthews Beach, Seattle

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