[Tweeters] Safe to check spotting scope in luggage?

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I always carry camera, Binos, scope, and tripod (disassembled) in my carry on. Nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find you checked luggage lost. In fact I never check baggage and travel light.

No guides are really necessary on Kauai as all the endemic birds are found with the help of the online Birding in Hawaii.

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> Greetings experienced nature travelers-


> We will be visiting Kauai soon for a week, and I would like to take my spotting scope along, or, at least have access to one while there. I have a rather clunky Vortex scope and a study Manfroto 190 tripod. We took it to Sanibel Island, FL, once, and I think I took the scope in my carry-on and the tripod in a large suitcase. Remembering the airport trek, I am considering checking the whole shebang and using a TSA approved suitcase lock. Your feed back on equipment management, safety and security would be appreciated.


> Oh, and any birding contacts or tips would be wonderful as well! We will be staying in Princeville on the north shore, and will be renting a car. I have found a lot of useful information online, and have copies of "A Pocket guide to Hawai'i's Birds" and "Enjoying Birds and Other Wildlife in Hawai'i'" from a previous tag-along trip to Oahu for my husband's atmospheric science work group meeting. The point of this trip is actual R&R- birding and botany will take place both deliberately and at leisure. Thanks for your input-



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