[Tweeters] Wallace Swamp Creek Park Bird Walk Report

Linda Phillips linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Mon May 8 19:47:30 PDT 2017

Monday May 8th I was joined by 6 birders as I led my first field trip for Eastside Audubon.
We spent 2 ½ hours exploring the network of dirt trails through the woods as well as the east/west paved trail.
We got off to a good start by viewing 3 Golden Crowned Sparrows from the parking lot. Zonotrichis’ are not common in the park. As we entered the woods near Swamp Creek we ran into, a VERY active flock of Wilson’s Warblers. While watching one bird another would pop out from behind a leaf there were probably close to 20 both males and females, mixed in were a few Black throated gray warblers. We watched as a female Anna’s Hummingbird fed her week old nestlings that are now big enough to hold their heads above the edge of the nest. No birds were present at the Bushtit nest in a weeping willow overhanging the trail although we did find another pair at the other side of the park.
It was nice to see a single VG Swallow at ground level as it skimmed the surface of the sediment pond for a drink of water.
We has close (almost eye level) looks at a Red breasted Sapsucker feeding at its wells.
Song Sparrows, Spotted Towhees, and American robins were ubiquitous.
Some of us saw Hairy and Downy Woodpeckers, Black capped and Chestnut backed Chickadees, American Goldfinch, Band tailed Pigeons, and Bewick’s Wren.
Heard only were Warbling Vireo, Pine Siskin, Purple Finch, Mallard and Golden Crowned Kinglet (although I did locate one after the others had left).
The fly over PIWO as we were saying our goodbyes made it a 5-woodpecker day.
Before the others arrived I also had Northern Flicker, GB Heron and Brown headed Cowbird.

Linda Phillips

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