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Here's a link to a story from last year about a similar project for
PVC-pipe mining claim markers:


On Mon, May 8, 2017 at 3:47 PM, Diane Weinstein <Diane_Weinstein at msn.com>

> There is a project taking off in Washington and across the country to help

> birds and other wildlife. Like the Fishing Line Recovery and Recycling

> Program, it is a simple and inexpensive way to make a difference

> for wildlife. Some of the local Audubon Societies as well as Audubon

> Washington are getting involved in the program.



> The Teton Raptor Center is sponsoring a project to prevent birds and small

> mammals from entering vault toilet ventilation pipes. Each year thousands

> of birds get stuck, suffer and die in open vertical pipes. The Raptor

> Center has partnered with 32 states and has made available a simple fix

> that includes an inexpensive screening device. Please see their web site

> at www.tetonraptorcenter.org/our-work/poo-poo-project for more

> information.



> As you walk the trails enjoying the birds and other wildlife, please be

> observant of vault toilets with open vents. If you see one, contact the

> proper authority and request that it be screened. Also, if you have open

> pipes on your property, such as sign posts, fences, building plumbing

> vents, survey markers and irrigation systems, please cap or screen them.

> There are several commercial products available. For additional

> information, please contact the Kittitas Audubon Society.



> Diane Weinstein


> Issaquah



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