[Tweeters] Poo-Poo Project

Diane Weinstein Diane_Weinstein at msn.com
Mon May 8 15:47:54 PDT 2017

There is a project taking off in Washington and across the country to help birds and other wildlife. Like the Fishing Line Recovery and Recycling Program, it is a simple and inexpensive way to make a difference for wildlife. Some of the local Audubon Societies as well as Audubon Washington are getting involved in the program.

The Teton Raptor Center is sponsoring a project to prevent birds and small mammals from entering vault toilet ventilation pipes. Each year thousands of birds get stuck, suffer and die in open vertical pipes. The Raptor Center has partnered with 32 states and has made available a simple fix that includes an inexpensive screening device. Please see their web site at www.tetonraptorcenter.org/our-work/poo-poo-project<http://www.tetonraptorcenter.org/our-work/poo-poo-project> for more information.

As you walk the trails enjoying the birds and other wildlife, please be observant of vault toilets with open vents. If you see one, contact the proper authority and request that it be screened. Also, if you have open pipes on your property, such as sign posts, fences, building plumbing vents, survey markers and irrigation systems, please cap or screen them. There are several commercial products available. For additional information, please contact the Kittitas Audubon Society.

Diane Weinstein


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