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Tue May 2 21:31:01 PDT 2017

I am not sure if anybody else noticed, but the rain yesterday morning may
have caused a "fallout" of WILSON'S WARBLERS. I have never seen as many as
I did yesterday, on my morning walk through Twin Lakes. I saw between 30
and 40 of them. Also five were busy feeding in my backyard. They seemed to
be everywhere, almost like Yellow-rumped Warblers last week. I barely
managed to find five YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS. In addition, I saw two
WARBLING VIREOS and a likely CASSIN'S VIREO. I never did get a full view of
it, but did see wing bars, gray head, eye ring, greenish back and yellowish
flanks and lower underside. Today I saw only four Wilson's Warblers, but a

Last Saturday I had a LINCOLN'S SPARROW in my front yard - a new yard bird.

Good Birding!


*Hans Feddern*
Twin Lakes/Federal Way, WA
thefedderns at gmail.com
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