[Tweeters] Yard migrants

amk17 at earthlink.net amk17 at earthlink.net
Mon May 1 22:15:00 PDT 2017

This morning much to my surprise and delight, after my 5-year absence, a small mixed flock of migrants visited my yard for a good part of the morning. Present in my Phinney Ridge, Seattle yard were a savannah sparrow, golden-crowned sparrows, a hermit thrush (vocalizing early in the morning), a Wilson's warbler, two yellow-dumped warbler, and orange-crowned warbler and a Northern waterthrush. I also observed a gray-headed warbler but it was too quick and the apple blossoms too dense to get good looks as it foraged in the blossoms. There were a few other birds that I could not get looks at a sparrow and another warbler sp.

Seattle, WA
Santa Cruz CA

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