[Tweeters] White Tailed Kite - Yes

Deanna Snow ZeeSnowBird at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 30 16:23:50 PDT 2017

I wanted to send out a thank you to Russ for making us aware of the White Tailed Kite. We drove out to Barlow Point yesterday evening and found the Kite in the blackberry bushes just right of the fencing at the location noted by others. It was just out of range for a good photo, but binoculars gave us enough to see that it was indeed the Kite. There was also a male Northern Harrier in the grass just to the right of the house where the Kite was. It was far enough back, that we needed binoculars to see it, but fencing obstructed camera's ability to get a good picture. Also noted what appeared to be a Say's Phoebe on a fence post across the road from where the Kite was located. We did see the Loon in the slough driving around Willow Grove as well. Good birding evening as over 20 different bird species were seen while looking for the White Tailed Kite.

Deanna Snow

Longview WA

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