[Tweeters] Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival

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Thu Mar 30 11:52:33 PDT 2017

Hey Tweets...it's that time of year again to announce we are taking
reservations for the Grays Harbor Shorebird and Nature Festival events,
May 5th thru 7th. We are very pleased to be featuring two outstanding
speakers, with Keynote Speaker Tim Boyer on Friday night and Dr. Julia
Parrish following the Saturday night dinner.

Tim's talk is Understanding Shorebirds, The Miracle of Migration., and
his photos are just wonderful. Julia's is Seabirds, Citizen Science and
a Warming World, gleaned from her work with COASST, Coastal Observation
and Seabird Survey Team.

Our field trips are always a favorite for shorebird enthusiasts, and we
offer a few good lectures each year, just to keep you coming back! This
year we have the perennial favorite Shorebird Identification Basics with
Scott Morrison, a new one called Antarctica: Past, Present, and Penguins
with our own Nancy Wells, and Dr. Dan Varland's The Peregrine Falcon:
Hunter and Scavenger wraps it up on Sunday.

For those of you with children, we also have plenty for them to do at
the free Fun Fair while you shop at the Birding Marketplace. Stop in and
say "Hi" to our favorite Wild Birds Unlimited guy, Jim Ullrich, and buy
a pair of binoculars or a new scope, or something for your birds.

You can find the details at www.shorebirdfestival.com [1] and check
out our newly redesigned web site, or perhaps you have already
(finally!) received our brochure if on our mailing list.

We hope you come out to Grays Harbor to see the birds!

Dianna Moore/Registrar

[1] http://www.shorebirdfestival.com

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