[Tweeters] Urban bird habitat symposium

Constance Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Thu Mar 30 03:22:35 PDT 2017

Hey tweets, just a heads-up about an urban bird symposium coming up, sponsored by Seattle Audubon. On April 6 from 2-7 p.m., various environmental/government/policy groups are coming together at Town Hall for an all-afternoon conference on how we can all coordinate better to preserve and enhance urban habitat for birds in the Seattle area.

If you're interested in coming, attendance is free, thanks to a grant from the Horizons Foundation. However, you must register. Here is the link:

https://my.seattleaudubon.org/events/-/e120587 <https://my.seattleaudubon.org/events/-/e120587>.

I urge you to attend if you possibly can. Recent events on the national scene show us that environmental protections we thought were secure might not be, and that one way to respond is to strenghten local commitments to the environment. This is especially important in Seattle, where rapid population growth makes open spaces a tempting target for development.

If you want more information about this symposium, please feel free to contact me off-line. - Connie, Seattle

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