[Tweeters] song sparrow and others

Margaret Sandelin msand47 at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 25 14:32:58 PDT 2017

A Song Sparrow was at my Queen Anne hill suet feeder long enough for me
to get a good look with my binocs and definitely ID it. I think it has
been here before but took off every time before I got a good look. I
don't think of them as inner city bird unless in the larger parks but
maybe they are common. And Wednesday went to Ebey's Landing with
friends and some Master Gardener interns and though it did not rain and
even was sunny on and off, the wind was very fierce, gale-like so not
much wildlife or birds, but we did see an adult and juvenile Bald Eagle
flying in the wind and on the ground a little flock of Golden-crowned
Sparrows with a Spotted Towhee among them who zipped into the wild rose
hedge when we got too close.
Margaret Sandelin

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