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Anderson, Christopher D (DFW) Christopher.Anderson at dfw.wa.gov
Fri Mar 24 07:29:13 PDT 2017

Hi Tweets,
WDFW had a very kind gentleman, once again, donate a number of bird nesting boxes that are up for grabs; first come first serve.
These are FREE!!! Yes...FREE!!!!
Voluntary donations accepted if one so desires. Any voluntary donations would go towards the WDFW Watchable Wildlife fund and nongame species efforts - http://wdfw.wa.gov/viewing/

Please come to the REGION 4 MILL CREEK office, Monday through Friday between 8 am to 5 pm, to peruse.
Address is:
16018 Mill Creek Blvd.
Mill Creek, WA 98012

About 30 minutes north of Seattle.
I think I mentioned...FREE...!!!!!!!
We have mostly chickadee/wren boxes (quite a few of these), small woodpecker, violet-green swallow (also used by chickadee/wren), and a few odds and ends (couple tree squirrel boxes, handful of wood duck, e.g). Get them out and up now...cavity nesters are pushing forward with their annual efforts! I have chickadees on nest for a couple weeks now - but others are still looking and any newbies or first attempt failures will have more options.

We are unable to take calls or emails requesting we set any boxes aside or asking about inventory due to staffing and time management. But hey...they are free ;)

WDFW asks that these boxes not be resold as they are free from a kind donation to the state and therefore citizenry of WA- but please do gift them to your friends and family!
Please maintain them properly and keep an eye out to manage against non-target species such as starlings or house sparrows. Please don't put a box up that is a starling or house sparrow magnet in areas where it is known these birds are around.
Lots of guidance out there both on our website below, at your local Audubon chapter, or local bird and wildlife watching shop.

Please pass this email on to anyone off list.

Good birding,

Chris Anderson
District Biologist
District 12, King County
WA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife - Region 4
16018 Mill Creek Blvd.
Mill Creek, WA 98012
425.775.1311, ext 111
Christopher.Anderson at dfw.wa.gov<mailto:Christopher.Anderson at dfw.wa.gov>
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