[Tweeters] Seattle-area Merlin Study

Benjamin Johnson tiger80 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 22 22:26:34 PDT 2017

Hello All. Spring is here, and the merlins are starting to "sing". Kim and I will be continuing our Seattle-area merlin project investigating merlin nest site characteristics, nesting success and density, site and pair fidelity, and annual movements. As always, merlin observations and resightings of banded merlins are invaluable to our study. We'd be very interested to hear about any banded merlin sightings or possible breeding activity that you may observe, or even general merlin observations. If you are so inclined to share your observations please contact Ben Vang-Johnson (bvjohnson87 at gmail dot com) or Kim McCormick (kim.mccormick at comcast dot net). We'll keep any information shared with us confidential, and we greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you,


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