[Tweeters] Birding and botanizing in Spring

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Hello Lynn & all;

Although a bit out of the way and perhaps too far for a convenient weekend trip; the best place we ever found for spring wildflowers was Death Valley, and the surrounding Sonoran and Mojave desert area. There’s few things as remarkable as standing in the middle of Death Valley, under Desert Sunflowers as far as the eye can see in every direction. Entire hillsides will seem to be dipped in color, with the view changing over time as the sun moves across the sky. It is truly a phenomenon that must be seen at least once in one’s life. The mix of flowers is truly astonishing. They range from dots hardly larger than a pencil point that you have to get down on your knees to see, to flowers the size of your hand and well over your head. Huge Joshua Tree’s covered in blossoms are a sight to behold.

Although the show varies from year-to-year, it’s tied to the timing and how much rain they got over the winter. While I know that California got hammered by rain of late, I don’t know how well Death Valley and the deserts fared. When we lived in SoCal we obviously managed to keep tabs on those events. From up here, it’s harder to say. Perhaps a call to the ranger station at Furnace Creek might be of help. There may also be on-line information as well.

And, as a side-note, the vast swaths of plants & flowers always attracted many interesting bugs and birds. It was always an event we thoroughly enjoyed (except for the dry years…and it was wall-to-wall sand 😊!)

Take care and be well all,

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Can anyone suggest a trip (overnight to several days, from Seattle area) to take in Spring to see wildflowers and birds? The birding does not have to be the best. I realize Ocean Shores is a great place to bird in Spring but want to see wildflowers too - anywhere in central OR/WA that might work?

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