[Tweeters] Birding and botanizing in Spring

Josh Hayes Coralliophila at live.com
Sat Mar 18 21:30:41 PDT 2017

My mom lives in hood river, OR, across the river from Catherine creek and near some lovely birding up the Klickitat river. It'd be a good base of operations for such an excursion.

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You didn't mention a time frame for Spring but the Columbia River Gorge has amazing wildflowers from March to the end of May. A couple of special spots are the Catherine Creek Preserve and Columbia Hills State Park, both are in Klickitat County. The Oregon side of the Gorge is just as spectacular with the Rowena Preserve as a highlight. In an eighty mile drive up the Gorge you can go from rain forest to shrub steppe without any elevation gain, so the variety of wildflowers and birds is very diverse.

Wilson Cady
Columbia River Gorge, WA

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Can anyone suggest a trip (overnight to several days, from Seattle area) to take in Spring to see wildflowers and birds? The birding does not have to be the best. I realize Ocean Shores is a great place to bird in Spring but want to see wildflowers too - anywhere in central OR/WA that might work?

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