[Tweeters] Junco with a collar and Hogum Bay black phoebe

Kelly McAllister mcallisters4 at comcast.net
Fri Mar 17 13:55:17 PDT 2017

I don't generally found birds with plumage oddities to be all that
interesting but there's one in my own backyard so it's suddenly just
fascinating. It's a dark-eyed junco and it has a white collar. Hmmm, that's
different. See image here:


I've visited Hogum Bay water treatment ponds several times in the last fews
weeks and I've seen a single black phoebe each time. There are dozens of
yellow-rumped warblers (Audubon's) at the ponds right now and at least one
hundred violet-green swallows today.

Kelly McAllister

Olympia, Washington

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