[Tweeters] FOY Coopers' Hawk territorial calls + FOY Purple Finch 2 parted call notes + Barred Owl vocalizations + bird habitat news

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 18:45:05 PDT 2017

While we are on the subject of accipiters (A question from yesterday on
Sharp-shinned vs. Coopers'), at Lincoln Park, in West Seattle today, I
heard / noted, my first Coopers' calls of the year, that I expect are
territorial calls. As many of you may know Coopers' Hawks are usually
silent, so hearing these calls are noteworthy. I suspect this Coopers' was
setting up its nesting territory for the season.

Also at Lincoln Park - West Seattle today, I heard my first 2 parted call
notes for the Purple Finches there, whose song heard FOY, on Sunday, 3-12.
The 2 parted call note came with the treat of a close up look at a male, in
low branches, when they are usually too high to get good looks without
binos. If anyone has a transliteration of their 2-parted call, into the
Roman alphabet, I'd be interested in what you call it.

In other bird notes, a Barred Owl gave its "Who Cooks for you" at about
5:20 pm today, a bit earlier than usual, and in full daylight, while about
4 mornings ago between 4 and 5 am, I heard what I expect is some kind of
courtship vocalization of a longer series of hoots that are the same,
followed by a longer "howl-hoot" as I just decided to call it. As far as I
know, this last type of vocalization is not given year-round. (When I've
led my owl walks, I've also referred to this series of roughly equal hoots,
followed by that elongated "howl-hoot" as a "monkey holler", while I make a
gesture that I grew up seeing monkeys in the cartoons doing.)

Also in Lincoln Park, where I spend much of my time in my recreation and
therapy of weeding, in growing bird habitat news, I continued to make
progress clearing a weed-free, mossy radius away from the colony of the,
previously lost from Seattle, locally native thistle species I have
reintroduced - Cirsium brevistylum - Short-styled Thistle, with countless
seedlings from last year's mother plant's seeding. Fellow park birder Mark
Ahlness and I were talking about looking forward to the day we catch some
Goldfinch in the act of feeding among the seedheads in the growing colony!

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