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As a follow-up to Meredith's timely note, I called Peter Lindgren and verified that Dr. Thorburn's WA Senate confirmation hearing is on the agenda for tomorrow, Thursday. Peter mentioned that he's received several emails already endorsing Commissioner Thorburn's reappointment.

If you look on the WDFW Fish and Wildlife Commission website, you'll see that she's been appointed for another term. However, Governor Inslee must send (and has done so) a letter to the Senate requesting confirmation. This is what is supposed to take place tomorrow.

As an aside, as a member of the WDFW Wildlife Diversity Advisory Council, I’ve had the opportunity to see Commissioner Thorburn in action at F&W Commission meetings. Her questions to WDFW biologists and managers, as well as to citizens, testifying at meetings are insightful, on target, and often draw out testimony for clarity and objectivity. I’ve noticed that quite often, when other Commission members aren’t asking questions, Commissioner Thorburn does so. Too, when she does ask a question, I look around and see those in the audience as well as other commissioners, nod their heads – she’s asking questions the answers to which other folks want to hear.

Thanks, and may all your birds be identified,
Denis DeSilvis
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Hi, Fellow Birders,

It has come to my attention that our Kim Thorburn has a hearing for a
seat on the WDFW Board of Commissioners on Thursday (16 March). If you or
anyone you know is willing to send positive feedback to:
peter.lindgren at leg.wa.gov it would be greatly appreciated. Kim is a bird
watcher and a fan of grouse. I really hope she can stay on the

Thanks, Meredith Spencer, Bridgeport

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