[Tweeters] Seeking good gardens/yards for birds in the Seattle area

Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser whitney.n.k at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 08:00:46 PDT 2017

Hi, everyone! Apologies to those who've seen this request elsewhere...I'm
using all the recruitment tools at my disposal!

As part of my service-for-education component in the Master Birder program,
I'm developing a new field trip for Seattle Audubon, to be offered in
conjunction with SAS classes with titles like "how to attract birds to your
yard." People who take the class would be eligible to come on the field
trip, which would consist of visiting 4-5 gardens/yards in the Seattle
area. At each stop, we would spend 15-20 minutes watching the birds that
are there and talking about what elements of the class are exemplified in
that garden/yard.

If you have a good garden/yard for birds, would you be willing to be on
this "field trip?" It would involve probably no more than a dozen people
being at the edge of, or on, your property for 15-20 minutes, once or maybe
twice a year. We wouldn’t expect to enter your house, and you wouldn’t
need to host or entertain the group in any way. You wouldn’t even need to
be home, unless you wanted to be there to show us around or answer


Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser

6540 31st Ave NE, Seattle

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