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Hello Gary, Kittitas Audubon Society member Meghan Anderson is on it. Another option to follow.


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Hi there,
Attached is an image of a screened vent that some USFS personnel are using. I was reading that this screen can cause raptor's talons to get caught.
My question to you bird experts is: is this a real issue? Should this type of screen not be used?
Below is an excerpt from the article:
Cave Creek Ranger District personnel have taken steps to try and eliminate these hazards that open vent pipes on toilet buildings and port-a-potties present to birds. Preston Tucker, Biological Technician and volunteer Dave Daneck designed and fabricated wire mesh screen covers for 32 toilet building vent pipes on the District. They cut the material with air powered cutters and produced two sizes of vent covers. Recreation technician Jay Contieri installed the custom cut covers using wood screws and large washers on the ABS plastic pipe vents, and wired the covers on vents that were constructed of concrete. Commercially produced drain covers were purchased at hardware stores to cover the vent pipes on port-a-potties. Port-a-potties are often rented and the drain covers are easily removed when the portable toilet units are moved from the Forest. The drain covers fit inside four inch vents and outside three inch vents which accounts for most portable toilet units. The drain covers cost about $5.00 each and the custom fabricated wire mesh covers cost around $4.00 each. Wire mesh covers should be unaffected by the ever present sun (and associated ultraviolet degradation) and will prevent wildlife related mortalities. The District has gone a step further to fill or cap open top vertical pipes (fence posts, gates, pipe barriers etc) that may trap birds or other wildlife. Help eliminate this hazard on your District and Forest. Screen or cap all vertical open pipes.

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