[Tweeters] Some binocular recommendations?

Dusty Bleher TweeterReader at bagithere.com
Tue Mar 7 11:38:36 PST 2017

G'day all! Along with my search for a new camera (Nikon P900 so far), I just decided to upgrade my binoculars as well. I've had these since my kids were little, so I've not kept up on the trends in viewing these last 30-40 years. Anybody got any recommendations? Things to look for? Things to avoid? My current ones are a Swift model 828, 10X42. One of the reasons I got them was they were waterproof (always good with me holding them 😊!), and very close focus. I'm sure the technology has changed over the years, so any recommendations would be MOST appreciated.

Currently parked off of a dirt road, on a hill, in the forest north of Lake Stevens.

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