[Tweeters] first birds to ever visit my bird feeders at my house!

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Mon Mar 6 09:00:29 PST 2017

A year ago, I moved into a condo unit that has a very small backyard. It
took about a week for birds to show up at my feeders. The exceptions were a
couple of Anna's Hummingbirds that came to the sugar water in a couple of
days. I think a few days is the norm for seed feeders, and for me the
first birds to arrive usually have been finches (mainly House Finches) and

Phil Dickinson
Lake Stevens

On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 5:26 AM, Devorah the Ornithologist <
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> hi everyone,


> I just had to share the good news: today, whilst i was writing, i saw a

> pair of blue tits fly up to my bird feeders (which i first hung on sunday)

> and pig out on peanut pieces. i was surprised to see them bypass the suet

> balls for peanuts, but there you have it. i was also surprised these birds

> discovered my feeders within a day of them being placed -- i thought i'd be

> waiting for months -- but i am very excited.


> within a minute or so of the blue tits' arrival, i then saw a house

> sparrow poking around in the snow at uneaten seeds from my collection of

> birds (mostly several types of millet). unlike the USA, where house

> sparrows are invasive, house sparrows are native to much of europe,

> although their numbers are declining -- in some places, they are declining

> at an alarming rate.


> i am curious to know: how long does it take your birds to find a new bird

> feeder when you move in to a place that has no previous bird feeding? does

> the time it takes birds to find these newly-hung bird feeders vary with

> season? which species is generally the first to find a new bird feeder?


> have a great day, and may all your birds be well-fed!


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