[Tweeters] Birdseed

Wally Davis wallydavis3 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 16:10:22 PST 2017

I run through about 10 lbs of sunflower seeds a week and a cake of suet a
day. The sunflowers caused me to build a feeder that holds 5 gallons of
seed and I hang out 6 blocks of suet at a time. Mostly chickadees, towhees,
Steller's jays, and 5 species of woodpeckers. This year I thought I'd try
birdseed and bought a feeder that hold about a pint. The birds are largely
uninterested and it takes almost 2 months to empty the pint of birdseed. I
live in a rural area with cedar woodlands and open areas consisting of brush
as well as my yard. I was wondering if anyone else has observed that
birdseed isn't eaten?

Wally Davis


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