[Tweeters] "Baby bird brought to Seattle from Lk Talapus - now what?"

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You probably already know not to "rescue" baby birds, but here is a link that your son can read, so that he will know that this is such a common mistake that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife issued a bulletin.


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> Hi -


> Unfortunately, my son brought a baby bird back to his Seattle apartment yesterday, from a trail near Lake Talapus, off 90 near the pass.


> As of yesterday evening the bird was in a cardboard box, and was feeding on milk with bread mixed into it. A photo is below to estimate age - it has not fledged,

> and there were no adults or other birds in the area when my son found it. Maybe it's a Gray jay?


> Any suggestions on what to do?


> Thank you very much!

> Lynn



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