[Tweeters] Wenas area Indigo Bunting and Least Flycatcher still present yesterday. Plus an evil weasel.

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Hi, Lonnie. Thank you for reporting the weasel predation. I have monitored cavity nesting birds in the Wenas from 2005-2013. I have found dead adult Western Bluebirds, White-headed Woodpeckers, and Hairy Woodpeckers in cavities that I attributed to weasels getting in the cavities and killing the incubating adults. I never witnessed it, but your observations verify what I was assuming that weasels can climb trees and get in cavities! Can you send me the .jpg of the photo of the weasel looking out of the cavity so that I may use it in future presentations?

Thank you.

Jeff Kozma, Wildlife Biologist: Yakama Nation

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Hi Tweeters,

Yesterday (Sunday), Dave and Sherry Hayden and I birded the Wenas area in Yakima County. We found the previously reported LEAST FLYCATCHER off of Maloy Rd, near the small bridge. It was repeatedly calling from the aspens, but wouldn't stay still long enough for a photo, although I did get several nice shots of aspen branches during my failed attempts. While there, a pair of RED-NAPED SAPSUCKERS were going in and out of a small nest cavity in one of the aspens, when suddenly a weasel, probably a Long-tailed Weasel, darted up the tree and into the cavity. The sapsucker parents responded with repeated alarm calls, which caused a small mob to form, including a GRAY CATBIRD. The weasel ignored them all and emerged with a dead chick in its mouth. I posted a photo of the dastardly creature poking its head out of the cavity, as well as one of the sapsuckers, on ebird.


We were also successful in locating the previously reported INDIGO BUNTING off of Audubon Rd. near the yellow gate. It was continuously singing from one of the snags and very easy to locate.

Good birding and may you never hear the alarm calls of Red-naped Sapsucker parents.

Lonnie Somer


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