[Tweeters] Boreal Chickadee Report

Jason Vassallo Jason.Vassallo at outlook.com
Sat Jun 24 21:46:32 PDT 2017

Thank you to everyone that helped with details on Boreal Chickadees in Okanogan Co.! I was very successful this morning. Heading up from Conconully, I was only about 2 miles past Salmon meadows campground when I heard some chickadees calling from back in the forest. I started doing some pygmy owl tooting and then the chickadees rushed into the tree in front of me. There was a large number of Mountain Chickadees, but at least one Boreal with them. The trick definitely seems to listen for chickadees and hope to find a Boreal within the flocks, as others mentioned too. The stretch from the Campground to the top seems to be the best place to look (Road conditions were rough).
Given what people had said about how tricky it is to find Boreal Chickadee I had allotted a whole mornings work to try to find them. I got one in about 10 minutes. I believe I was exceptionally lucky, not to mention the great views.

The chickadee has competition for the highlight of the trip however, as I also enjoyed amazing views of one of the Hawk Owls that have nested in Ferry Co. (Exact location will not be given out for safety of the Owls).

Some pictures of both birds and some others from the trip can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/100720286@N08/

Good birding,
Jason Vassallo
Jason.vassallo at outlook.com

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