[Tweeters] field trip today to Whatcom Land Trust properties

Ed Swan EdSwan2 at comcast.net
Fri Jun 23 18:09:53 PDT 2017

I led a WOS field trip to the Catalyst, Riverstead, Ladies of the Lake and
Samish River headwater properties/preserves of the Whatcom Land Trust. It
was a pretty good day but the heat really dampened activity after 11am or
so. Some highlights were a Lazuli Bunting at the Catalyst area, the Barn
Owl using the barn there, two American Bitterns at the Samish River
headwaters and a heard of elk with some very young calves at Catalyst.

Lake Whatcom LW (extreme SE corner)

Ladies of the Lake LL

Samish Headwaters SH

Catalyst CA (south side of Rothenbuhler Rd)

Riverstead RI (north side of Rothenbuhler Rd)

Barker Property BP (north of Acme)

Canada Goose LW (just seen be a few where Alger/Cain Rd
hits the lake)

Wood Duck SH

Common Loon LW (seen by Ed Thursday scouting)

American Bittern SH 2

Turkey Vulture at each location

Bald Eagle RI

Virginia Rail SH heard

Spotted Sandpiper RI, CA one chick at RI with adult

Band-tailed Pigeon CA, LL

Mourning Dove CA, RI, LL

Eurasian Collared-Dove CA, RI

Barn Owl RI

Black Swift RI

Rufous Hummingbird everywhere

Belted Kingfisher everywhere

Red-breasted Sapsucker everywhere

Hairy Woodpecker CA

Northern Flicker several spots

Western Wood-Pewee RI, CA, SH

Willow Flycatcher everywhere

Hammond's Flycatcher CA

Pacific-slope Flycatcher CA, RI, LL

Warbling Vireo CA, RI, LL

Red-eyed Vireo CA, RI, LL

Steller's Jay LL

American Crow RI, CA

Common Raven RI, CA

Tree Swallow BP, SH

Violet-green Swallow several locations

Northern Rough-winged Swallow CA, LH

Barn Swallow several locations

Black-capped Chickadee several locations

Chestnut-backed Chickadee RI

Bushtit LL

Bewick's Wren BP

Swainson's Thrush everywhere

American Robin ditto

European Starling several locations

Cedar Waxwing everywhere

Yellow Warbler BP, SH, LL

Yellow-rumped Warbler RI, CA

Black-throated Gray Warbler BP

Common Yellowthroat everywhere

Wilson's Warbler LL, Alger Park and Ride

Western Tanager LL

Black-headed Grosbeak everywhere

Spotted Towhee LL

Savannah Sparrow CA, LL

Song Sparrow everywhere

White-crowned Sparrow CA, LL

Lazuli Bunting CA

Red-winged Blackbird everywhere

Brown-headed Cowbird several places

Bullock's Oriole CA

Purple Finch BP

American Goldfinch CA, RI, LL

Elk heard with several this season calves at Catalyst

Ed Swan

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