[Tweeters] John Marzluff student seeks suet feeders in Seattle for project

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Date: Mon, Jun 19, 2017 at 6:16 PM

Subject: Spy on the birds at your feeder, volunteer feeder sites needed ASAP

Cc: "Nikki E. Furner" <nfurner at uw.edu>

Have you ever wondered what kinds of birds you can attract with suet
feeders? Do you find yourself pondering what types of sneaky visitors
snack from your suet cakes when you aren’t looking? Perhaps you already
know who your regulars are; but wouldn’t you find it interesting to
contrast your feeder visitor log with who visits feeders in different
ecosystems (areas that are wilder, more urban, or simply covered with
different amounts of trees)? If so, then you will be interested in this
unique opportunity to participate in a suet-eating bird survey. For a few
weeks in July and October, we will be setting up multiple motion-detecting
cameras at suet feeders throughout the Seattle area. These sites will be
distributed all along the Urban-Wildland gradient in diverse landscapes. Once
the collection period is over, these images will then be used to determine
the species richness as it is distributed in many parts of Western
Washington in both Summer and Winter seasons. It certainly is exciting,
but we need your help! We need avid bird feeders who are willing to lend
us their feeding space as a data collection site for the two collection
periods. All that we require is that you agree to *allow us to set up a
camera* during the two collection periods and also *allow us access to the
site* to set up the cameras before data collection and to take them once
data collection is complete (for July and October). Of course, so we do
not miss out on any one of the amazing avian visitors, due to a
disappointing lack of food, we will also need you to *keep their suet
feeder filled* throughout the two data collection periods. For your
support, you will be given access to images from the camera at your feeder
as well as information about the study. Your privacy will be strictly

To volunteer for this project, please contact Nikki Furner, at
nfurner at uw.edu as soon as possible. We need at least 10 volunteers within
a ten-mile radius of UW campus. Others outside of that range are also
encouraged to apply (< 1.5 hr. drive). This project will be conducted by
ESRM Senior student, Nikki Furner, under the direction of wildlife expert,
Professor John Marzluff. Thank you for your attention.

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