[Tweeters] osprey chicks at the Montlake Fill?

William Driskell bdriskell at comcast.net
Mon Jun 19 22:31:36 PDT 2017


This evening I noted a couple of changes in the behavior of the nesting
female osprey. At first I noticed she was more active, standing and
looking down into the nest rather than her usual brooding self. And
when she chirped for the male to bring her fish takeout, there was a
series of muted buzzy afternotes coming from the nest. When the male
finally arrived with dinner, she fiddled about on the edge of the nest,
then flew off as usual but instead of sitting on the distant lighting
pole and consuming it, she returned bringing the fish. She did this a
couple of times (usually she's just gone with the meal). Might this
suggest the beginning of chick feeding? The final clue was papa
watching it all from the perch... and smoking a cigar. I was astounded;
how could he even light a cigar with those talons?

William Driskell
Seattle WA

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