[Tweeters] Trumpeter swan still in Snohomis

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It has been there for many weeks. It can move between the main duck pond and another wet area to the south closer to the hillside. There were two for awhile but only the one since early or mid-April. Last year, a pair summered-over at Bob Heirman Preserve south of Snohomish.

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> For those of you looking for something odd at this time of year....

> there is a Trumpeter Swan at the Fobes Road wetland area. The swan is unable to fly but can walk, swim and flap both wings (the right one is damaged). You can see it off Fobes Road going north. There is a brown house on the east side and it is the water area out in the marsh. You will need a spotting scope.

> There are also some great duck viewing opportunities, hummingbirds and more out in this area.

> If you observe the swan over the next week or two and it appears to have changed from OK to something else, please let me know. At this time the area is too difficult to attempt a capture as it is swampy mud, and the bird can still swim and escape into areas less safe than this one from predators.


> Thanks.

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