[Tweeters] corrections to my norway feeder birds (beware my lyin' eyes)

Devorah the Ornithologist birdologist at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 07:03:24 PDT 2017

hello everyone,

norwegian has just informed me that i made some errors in my birdie IDs in
my previous email.

my killdeer are not killdeer. at this point a couple weeks out from those
observations, binocular-less and without an appropriate field guide
in-hand, i cannot explain what they were, so i won't even try.

my kittiwakes are probably common gulls -- a species that someone else told
me a few weeks ago was uncommon to rare here in summer, so it was unlikely
that i was seeing any kittiwakes. anywho, i defer to the IDs provided by
native norwegians, since they know more than i do.

last, i was also told that bullfinches are not small, not as small as i
described them to be. i observed these two birds on my deck a meter or so
away for several hours, as they pigged out on seeds. these birds often
stood within a few centimetres of my other birds, which usually included a
crowd of house sparrows, since it is difficult, even for me, without any
binoculars, to misjudge the size of birds that are standing next to each
other, whilst also standing so close to me, i am somewhat confused.
especially when i was fully expecting bullfinches would be larger than what
i saw. so, i dunno what to make of that error, especially seeing as how i
was not drinking and birding whilst watching them (alcohol is too insanely
expensive in norway to afford, unless you make your own, hence, dandelion

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