[Tweeters] Bird-day Gift! / Caryn / Wedgwood

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Mon Jun 12 11:29:16 PDT 2017

Hello Birders!

Today is my hubby's bird-day and I was just getting ready to go to the store and putting a bag by the door; I looked down and can't believe it - I found a hummingbird feather! I think the dog staying with us must have brought it in (on her feathers?) since she lies down on the deck beneath where the hummers feed. I had found a feather there a few years ago, too. It does look like they are in molt.

But it was perfect today since his mother too loved hummingbirds!

Finding such a tiny feather is such a wonderful gift! (Like when he found a hummingbird nest - I told him it was better than a diamond!!)

Happy Bird-day to all out there!!

Caryn / Wedgwood (off to the store I go now - with wings and humming all the way ;-)

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