[Tweeters] American Redstart Hwy 20, Whatcom Couunty

Eric Ellingson abriteway at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 11 21:10:07 PDT 2017

A good day today realizing how much I'm missing out on birding by not knowing their call/songs. Something to strive for for sure. A forest singing with song and not recognizing much other than the tohee and a couple others. Spent the day with a highly skilled birder Phil Calise who 'sees' the birds in his head before with his eyes thru their song.

An American Restart in two different locations. One male and another juvenile. Not bad for my first viewing. Also made a bit of progress with identifying flycatchers and vireos ... those often heard but seldom seen and easy to confuse birds.

An Eastern Kingbird topped off the end of the day along Hwy 9.

[X]American Redstart<https://flic.kr/p/V7R2eA>
Juvenile. Hwy 20, Whatcom. Record shot.

[https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4239/34864372320_b14f371a77_b.jpg] <https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericellingson/34864372320/>

Eric Ellingson

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