[Tweeters] Off Topic Squirrel Behaviour

mary hrudkaj mch1096 at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 11 10:19:25 PDT 2017

Was just talking to a neighbor who also feeds and enjoys birds. But, she's been having trouble the past few days with a rather aggressive red squirrel who has been digging up all her potted plants and planting Douglas fir cones in the pots. She doesn't know it it's female or male. It has also been chewing holes in her garage and she's had to remove 2-3 squirrel nests from the garage so my bet is on female. I know squirrels will cache cones for the winter but I've never heard of them planting them in flower pots. I told her about using cayenne pepper on the soil so maybe that will help some. So far the little bugger hasn't bothered my in-ground plants my garden areas.

Mary Hrudkaj


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