[Tweeters] No Hooded Warbler, Clark Co., WA

John Bishop bishopjg at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 10 09:35:59 PDT 2017

Luke Hanes and I looked for the Hooded Warbler from 5:40-7:40 this morning, and Sam N has been looking for it since. It was last seen/heard around 9:00 am yesterday, with people checking through the morning and a couple times in afternoon and evening.

This bird was seen in a forest of scattered large Doug firs and hemlocks (>120’) and big leaf maples, with a dense, native mid story and understory, on a steep slope leading down to Salmon Creek. This habitat extends for miles in both directions, so its easy to imagine that even if the bird hasn’t traveled on to more distant places, it could be moving along this corridor. Unfortunately its all private property.

Vancouver, WA

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