[Tweeters] Help with bird identification at Juanita Bay Park

Larry engles at ridesoft.com
Fri Jun 9 17:51:06 PDT 2017

Today, just before the rain started, I spotted a bird in the top of a tree quite
some distance away. I took several shots against a white sky (did I mention the
rain?). After severely cropping the photo, I still have no clue.

The first of 4 severely cropped photos is here:
http://www.larryenglesphotography.com/p379355954/h8CEE4515#h8cee4515 . Any help
would be appreciated.

I did get to see Red-breasted Sapsuckers feeding their young and a family of 4
eagles (2 adults, 2 1st year juveniles).

- Larry

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