[Tweeters] Chestnut-Sided Warbler in Ephrata- 6:20 AM today (6/8/17)

matt yawney myawney at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 9 07:00:17 PDT 2017

I was walking by the Ephrata Cemetery (canal road) with my wife and heard a different warbler call. It sounded a little like a softer Wilson's ending with a MacGillvary's ending. Anyway, I went to investigate and had amazing views of a breeding plumage Chestnut Sided Warbler. Lime green cap, chestnut on sides, white underneath. It moved pretty quickly through the cemetery to the east and seemed to go into the east sided residential area from there. It seemed like pure luck that our paths even crossed with how quickly it moved along. I did get audio, which I am trying to post to facebook right now. I'll try to get a photo on my way out of town this AM if I am lucky enough to relocate it.

Matt Yawney

Ephrata WA

County lifer for me BTW!

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