[Tweeters] ID Help, Female Cowbird?

Joan Miller jemskink at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 11:11:50 PDT 2017

Hi Tweets,

This bird showed up at my feeder just now and it really stumped me. Look at
that bill! I knew that would be the telling clue. I guessed it was a female
or juvenile something, in the Icterid family. Perusing my Sibley, I focused
on the cowbirds. I believe it's a female Brown-headed, Pacific/Mexican.
I've never seen cowbirds in my yard before!

Here are some shots:


Also, last night I thought I suddenly heard a nighthawk flying by.
Unfortunately, it only happened once. Anyone else hear or see any in
Seattle? I really miss them, having moved from the east coast.

Joan Miller
West Seattle
jemskink at gmail dot com

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