[Tweeters] Marbled Murrelets @ Richmond Beach

Joe Sweeney sweeneyfit at mac.com
Wed Jun 7 14:31:44 PDT 2017

In case you’ve been wanting to see some MARBLED MURRELETS, they have been consistently present during the past 3 weeks at Richmond Beach Park in Shoreline.

If you scan the waters of Puget Sound and don’t spot any, be patient. They may be submerged, so give them time to pop up into view. A scope is always helpful, of course, if you have one, yet this morning the murrelets were surprisingly close to shore.

Between 9am and 10am this morning, I observed 7 Marbled Murrelets, the most I’ve ever seen anywhere.

To view a few photos, click on my eBird checklist below:


Joe Sweeney
NE Seattle, WA
sweeneyfit at mac dot com




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