[Tweeters] sno falls peregrines

Dave Templeton crazydave65 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 11:32:12 PDT 2017


scott dodson posted video from yesterday of 4 eyasses at the falls on you
tube. fairly advanced age but have been well hidden in their iv[or]y
tower. if the link doesn't show/work, one can search four peregrine falcon
chicks snoqualmie falls june 4, 2017 and get the link that way. the
initial part of the video shows where the scrape is. the birds have used
that nest site often over the years, but the addition of ivy on the rock
wall makes it harder to find them.

as an (to me, at least) interesting aside, i read yesterday that the lip of
the falls used to be down at peregrine point and erosion has moved it well
upstream to the present location. in another 7,500 years or so the river
will finally hit softer ground and the falls will be replaced by rapids.
those geologists think in loooong terms.




dave templeton
fall city, wa


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