[Tweeters] quick correction

Nadine Drisseq bearsmartwa at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 15:30:00 PDT 2017

I apologise for the umpteenth post. I wanted to make the correction and
clarify that this Hooded Oriole has not yet been accepted and registered as
the 11th to be found. The ID has simply been confirmed by Matt Bartels.
Apparently, the record of the sighting will be reviewed by the WA Bird
Records Committee in Fall and they will decide whether to accept or reject
the sighting.

In my defence for all my current and recent mistakes, I'd just like to
mention that I am very new to birding, and apologise for any incongruities
on my part. I'm learning as I go a long.
I do appreciated the kind responses from those who are helping me along the
way! :)

Ps. The Oriole still has not made an appearance today yet, but we now have
oranges and grape jelly and we remain hopeful.


<Have been watching the feeder and yard since 9am. It did get registered as
the 11th sighting of an Hooded Oriole in WA since records began, and
several people managed to come out and see it yesterday. I will post again
if I see him; if I do not you can presume he hasn't been observed.

Best birding,

*Nadine Drisseq*

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