[Tweeters] Malheur NWR/Federal Lands Transfers to Private Sector

Steve Krival stevekrival at live.com
Mon Jan 30 14:06:21 PST 2017

Thank you Ed Swan for alerting me to news on this issue which I care very much about. I would like to add that a friend recently alerted me to the difference between tried-and-true and waste-of-time methods for influencing your politicians, which he posted to his FB page. The discussion is perhaps a bit long for a Tweeters post. The main points are that it IDs 6 federal political offices you should contact in each state, and you should contact all of them. They include your House and Senate representatives. (In the case of Malheur I also plan to call the governor of Oregon and find out who the House and Senate reps are for Harney County, OR. ). You should make your voice heard by PHONE. Writing is a complete waste of time, including online petitions ( I've signed at least 15). They don't read them, unless there is something that catches their eye ; you are the President of the Audubon Society, someone is dying or died related to the issue, etc. You should ask to speak with the aid whose job it is to respond to your particular issue. If they don't know who that would be, ask to speak to the aid who, in this case, deals with environmental issues or federal/private property rights. Apparently, all congressman have their aids tally at the end of each day all phone calls pertaining to each issue of concern. So, that is how you can make your voice count - both figuratively and literally. Also, as many of you are likely aware, there is a Migratory Bird Festival in Malheur in April. Going to it, or going there at any time, is a way of supporting the refuge, as is becoming a member of the their friends group.

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