[Tweeters] Ridgefield NWR

vrhoden vrhoden at comcast.net
Sun Jan 29 21:57:39 PST 2017

Had an interesting day at my local refuge.

The ducks had a nervous day. Outside the river S loop hunters were blazing
away. Inside the loop were a half dozen or more Bald Eagles coursing along
stirring up the masses. I saw at least 6 eagles on the loop. I might have
seen more but I wasn't sure if I was seeing the same ones as we both made
our rounds.

The only waterfowl that didn't get riled up by the eagle flyovers were the
tundra swans. They payed them no heed.

It was a good raptor day. In addition to the big boys I saw a single
Harrier, a Kestrel and 3 Red Tails. One was perched on a sign a couple of
feet from the road causing a traffic jam. The red tails were very laid back
today. I saw another one perched in a tree with 2 eagles no more than 15
feet away in the same tree. I haven't seen that before.

I was also graced with a good view of one of our new residents, at least new
to me, Red Shouldered Hawk. We may have had them here before but it seems to
me that they have never been so reliable. I'm kind of surprised now if I
don't see one this winter.

I saw lots of Cacklers and only a half dozen or so Canada geese.

I saw most of the usual waterfowl: tons of Pintails and coots. There were
Mallards, Shovelers, Ring Neck, Gadwall, Pied Billed Grebe and Wigeon. A
special find was a Storm Wigeon among them. It was only the 2nd one I have

I was a bit surprised to see no Woody Mergansers.

Lots of Blue Herons and no Great Egrets.

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